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Posted December 9, 2020

Sump Pump Frequent Questions

Sump Pump Frequent Questions

There are several factors to consider when evaluating a sump pump for your home.

Does your home have a drain tile system?

Many homes in Wisconsin do NOT have drain tile systems. This is because the soil types in some areas tend to percolate water well, and in some cases, a drain tile system may never have been installed. Contrary to popular belief, a drain tile system is not necessarily required by code. However, it is always a good idea to have a drainage system as over time moisture can build up along walls and cause major foundation and water problems in homes.

If your home has a drain tile system, is it working?

Older homes may have plugged drain tiles or may have large foundation footprints where one sump crock and pump is not sufficient to handle a heavy downpour. Discharges may not be properly installed, particularly in the case of buried discharge lines, and may recycle the water through the system causing failure. What kind of sump pump should I buy? When considering your options, do your research and hire a professional basement contractor like Basement Repair Specialists LLC or a plumber. Basement Repair Specialists LLC only installs professional duty pumps with low amperage draws, copper windings, and longer life cycles. Lower amperage draws mean less energy usage, but far more importantly, reduce the likelihood of tripping a circuit when starting. This is especially important during a storm, when lightning and other power events put circuit breakers under stress. In most cases, higher horsepower does NOT equate to more effectiveness unless the pump is attached so a larger discharge pipe. Basement Repair Specialists designs each system to the needs of each homeowner or property manager and offers free written estimates.

Will my basement be dry?

The systems offered by Basement Repair Specialists and other reputable contractors are very effective. Typically speaking, these systems come with a warranty. That said, rivers can come over their banks, sewer systems can back up, and electrical power can go out, all of which can lead to a wet basement, despite an effective water control system. In addition to installing a sump pump, you should evaluate insurance coverages such as sewer backup and sump pump failure insurance. These are typically riders on your policy, and normally very economical.

About Basement Repair Specialists, LLC

Basement Repair Specialists is one of the Top 1% of Contractors in the State of Wisconsin, according to an impartial survey by BuildZoom®. Whether your project involves water in your basement, a cracked or settled foundation, an egress window, or a crawlspace—we can help! We offer free estimates and advice, and in nearly all cases our appointments last an hour, and you will get a written price on the spot. We accept all major credit cards and offer competitive financing options, including 6 months same as cash.